So why write a personal letter in the first place?

We are pleased you raised this question, so thank you! Do you know the art of writing a letter is so much more personal that a text. A spoken “WhatsAp” or even a terse email. Its not instant so you can savour the delivery of it. You can write a letter and then post it and wait for it to arrive. The tension will mount. Its a satisfying feeling just writing a letter and posting it. Its like a huge achievement, so without further ado, lets head off and find absolutely the best place to write that personal letter.


Nowhere beats Paris for getting the literary juices flowing

Yes, of course, one of the most romantic Cities in the world and this is where you should be taking Pen ( ink pen only, please) to paper and writing your most romantic thoughts down. We like the idea of a Noilly Prat or two, closely finished off with an espresso coffee whilst watching the people walk by. If watching Parisians in love doesn’t capture your thoughts, then sadly, we fear nothing will!


Did we mention the flags? Write your letter and count the flags

If you want to follow the Hippy Trail and end up in Nepal then you have to stop off at Kathmandu. A cacophony of sounds; noise; dust; music; people everywhere. No time to sleep here you just have to find somewhere local to place your head and catch up on the time zones. The air is thin here so it makes you light headed and we all know that light headedness leads to love. having travelled overland for days and been without sleep; a good shower and decent food on the way you will be in the right frame of mind to be missing your love. Put pen to paper and say a prayer that it does indeed get delivered. The post is sketchy, but what can beat a letter from Nepal?

New York

New York – New York. So good they named it twice. Just remember to write your letter once

Who wants to go and sleep in New York – the City that indeed never sleeps. So you won’t either. What better way to while away the waking hours than by walking the streets and sidewalks, constructing that letter in your head. Walk all night. Walk all day. No one cares. And when you are done. Go back. Eat. Drink. Try to sleep and then write your very best letter from one of the very best Cities in the world


Write your letter on the top of the red London Buses

As Samuel Pepys said ” when you tire of London, you tire of life” and we are inclined to agree with him. London is one of the hippest and buzziest Cities in the world and we love it. Its an eclectic mix of old and new. One minute you can be wandering around the Charles Dickens area and the next time you can be people watching from a café on the South Bank, or even Covent Garden. Personally, if you want true inspiration, you need to head to the American Bar at the Savoy. Glamour and Style with a great Gin Cocktail. Guaranteed to get the literary juices flowing


Hire a yacht and write a long leisurely letter. Make sure you take a picture of the yachts

Okay, we know that France gets two dibs in the places to write that all important letter, but lets remember that Nice was once part of an Empire called House of Savoy and linked to Piedmont-Sardinia so we can say that it does have a rather nice Italian influence. We all know that the Italians invented romance ( along with the French, of course) so lets give it a “high five” and write your letter of importance after a walk along the Promenade des Anglais

Plenty of bars outside with time to write a letter and watch the world go by…


Write a letter on the beach. Any beach. Just make it sunny and sandy

So if you are feeling mellow and in love or homesick and isolated then take yourself down to the sea. As John Masefield would say ” I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky..”

So where will you go and what will you write?

Having decided on your preferred location to write that all important letter, don’t delay. It is never good to lose your impetus because what you feel now you may not feel tomorrow. We really believe that you need to write the minute you get inspiration. Write to anyone. Write to everyone and when you have written to them all, then follow the link below and write to new people, who will want to share and delight in your news. You heard it here, first!

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