When we send an email we think nothing more about it after we press that button “SEND!”  its quick.  Its instant and has an immediacy about it that makes us easily dismiss it. That’s gone.  Its done.    But communication should not be like that an we should indeed take more time to write nice things to ordinary people.  We should speak about our day and our life and what has been good and what has been bad. However, it is becoming quite ” the thought” now that writing letters is medicinal. A real tonic and in fact better than pills in some occasions!

What is wrong with emailing?

Since the explosion of emails and texting we tell everyone everything immediately.  We don’t think of a situation and savour it.  We don’t allow our thoughts to percolate and we certainly don’t think to use nice quality paper; pens and envelopes.  So its long overdue that we are starting to write letters again to friends and family and just speak to them about the everyday things in our life.

Moving on from there we are also finding a resurgence in the pen pal clubs and societies.  Writing to new people and finding out about their life.  Telling them about ours and sometimes hearing different outlooks and views which in turn allows us to expand our thinking.  

Never underestimate the power of the written word – on paper!

It has been said that you can change people’s mind and perception a lot more easily with a handwritten letter than you can with a sharp email or telephone call.  Its also a gentle way to communicate (on the whole!) and I have yet to find anyone who doesn’t see a smile appearing on their face when they open the Post Box and find a nice handwritten letter to them.

Many people who are isolated for whatever reason.  Not necessarily age but maybe location or by working alone at home can find a real comfort and pleasure in these letters.  They look forward to receiving a reply to their very carefully crafted letter and it makes them feel remembered and cared for.  It can not be stressed just how important this can be to anyone and everyone

Simple things makes the world feel better

For me there is the delight of receiving a letter and going off and making a cup of tea and then sitting quietly and reading it and digesting it and formulating a reply in my mind.   Also new friendships have been forged with people who we would not normally meet.  Maybe they are older than us – or younger or lives miles away.  Whatever the reason we are coming into contact with people that we normally never would.  In fact this example is cited very clearly in an original Guardian article linked below

‘A letter tells someone they still matter’: the sudden, surprising return of the pen pal | Life and style | The Guardian

So now you know how good an idea it is, why not take another two minutes out of your day to follow the link and sign up, free of charge, to the Pen Pal Club and start writing to new friends and forge new friendships 

Find out more about the Pen Pal Club

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