Letter in the post Signup

Hello! – This is the form for signing up for the “Letter in the Post” Pen-pal Club.  We promise to keep all of your data safe and secure

Please fill in the form and we will then add it to the list of other people searching for a Pen Pal.  This is the only time we ask for and use your email and it is not sent to other Members at any time. It is simply so that we can send you the updated Monthly Members List or if we need to contact you over something. 

When joining, the only stipulation is that you have to write to them via the post – and not email.   Every month you will receive our Newsletter together with details of everyone looking for a Pen Pal.  You can then choose to write to anyone you wish and they likewise, may choose to write to you.

  • Write as much you wish, the form will extend automatically.

  • By signing up to this Society, you agree that you are happy for your details to be shared with other members. We guarantee that we will not share your details with anyone else outside of this Society. Letter in the Post cannot be held responsible for any incidents that arise from releasing your details to other members. Therefore we ask you to proceed with discretion while interacting with other members.