The idea of this website is simply to draw people
together from all walks of life and all ages and
backgrounds by using the old-fashioned idea of
writing a letter.

We believe in the simple idea
of connecting people through letters

Online Forms

Although we state no emails or electronic communication, we do have the necessity to use it when you first sign up. A quick and easy form for you to add your details to our Database and for us to merge them with our existing Members. We can then get the List out to you almost immediately. Your application form via the On Line link will be stored safely and only given out to Members.

Mailing list

The complete Mailing List will be sent to you, electronically bearing in mind speed and our member’s locations across the Globe but if you prefer you can ask us to send it in the Post and we will happily do so. At the end of each month you have the choice to view the Members who have signed up recently or just wait and ask for details on an “ ad hoc” basis.

Growing daily

Our List grows daily. We are always amazed and surprised at the location of our new Pen Pal members. Don’t worry, we will keep in touch with you once a month to update you with news; new members and what else is happening in the amazing world of “writing letters!”


We are more than
a team, we are family.

Its been great forming and growing the Pen Pal Club. All of us who are involved in this project never thought it would take off as it had. From a small group of friends spread across the world during “ Covid Lockdown” we seem to have made new ones; formed links with people we never would have and started to appreciate the importance of keeping in touch with friends, new and old and the benefits of writing and receiving letters.

JACKIE – having always loved the thought of posting a letter to people and probably wearing out such pleasure on friends and family and then neighbours, she thought she would expand her network and start writing to random people.  Now she is complaining that there is no time to write to people any more – but, as she says,” it’s a very good complaint!”

CHRIS – lives in Turkey and can be found playing around with the database and keeping it up to date on a very regular basis.   He has found the simple pleasure in writing a letter again and eagerly rushes down to the Post Box to see what’s waiting for him

TARNYA – having worked for our sister company – English Language Homestays – she knows the importance of the written word.  Tarnya though has smoothly transitioned from being one of our more experienced EFL teachers to supporting our Members; sending out lists and dealing with all the day to day queries.  Her main pressing question is “ when covid finishes, do I return to teaching?”

PEBBLES – Dog Meister Extraordinaire.  She is responsible for making us take our regular walks on the beach which in turn gives us great ideas for topics for our letters.  Each walk is a minimum of thirty minutes – that’s a lot of topics to cover in that time

TILLY – Office Manager.  Nothing more to say

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