What you get When join

"The most onerous thing you will have to do after this,
is to purchase a stamp"

1. We check your application form and add it to our Database.

2. We send you a Welcoming email explaining a little about our process & contact details.  We are always available to send you the latest List of Members as well as deal with any queries

3. We email you the list of members with their address, interests, and other demographics. Please feel free to write to any of these members who interest you

4. Existing Members will receive your details at the end of the month.  This is when we send a newsletter out to all members with a list of all new recent subscribers, and this is when you can expect to hear from people

5. Make sure that you allow Mailchimp/Slatehouse108@gmail.com are “safe senders” in your Email 

Depending on the time of the month you sign up, Members may not receive your details for a few weeks.  Don’t let this put you off.  You will be sent a list of existing members so use this opportunity to study the names and write to people first.   People often ask us what to write about and we always suggest keeping it light; friendly and non-controversial.  Well, at first anyway, until you know your audience! 

Choose somewhere comfortable to write.  Maybe you can overlook a nice view which can be written about in your letter as well as give you some inspiration.  Use a good clear pen ( we love an ink pen but appreciate they are not for everyone)  A rollerball is another popular choice.   Use nice writing paper.  It shows how important the person is you are writing to.  Nice quality paper or decorative paper.  We have found some lovely individual designs on websites such as ETSY 

Make your first letter friendly but not too long.  Some people only write a short letter asking if that other person would like to write back to them.  Remember some of our Members already write to a lot of people and may not be able to write to any more – however much they wish to.    Its usually a good idea to write to people at the top of the list, as these will also be new members or maybe take a look right back to the First Subscribers.

Its always important to write a nice letter which can engage your reader.  Make it chatty and informative about your daily life.  Include some sketches or photographs so the reader can really get a sense of who you are.  Talk about your family; your daily routine; your work if you have one.  Pets are always a good topic of conversation, and many people can bond over their love of animals, or even plants.   Don’t make the first letter too long but just enough about you to want to make the reader write back.  Once you receive a letter back from them, you will have more of an idea about their daily life and interests and you can then ask questions about it.   Try not to be too prescriptive and keep away from inflammatory topics such as Politics or Religion.  Finally if you need some help on what to write then check out the Video below   he has some wonderful ideas and suggestions on how to write and ensure you have lots of replies back.  

Please take look at Rajiv Surendra guides us through the art of writing a letter and maintaining a handwritten correspondence. Using the Morgan’s collection as inspiration, Rajiv celebrates the charm and power of the epistolary enterprise.

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