"When I start writing, words started flowing
and I just couldn't stop myself. It is as
if there is a constant desire to put something
into words that my brain is about to think."

Letter-writing is not dead! by The Morgan Library & Museum & Rajiv Surendra

Writing a letter says " I am thinking of you"

Touch people's heart

Writing a letter to someone is personal and allows the recipient to know you care. Its simple stuff. But oh so important

Share with

Spread the word. Write to anyone and everyone. The more people you connect with, the bigger our Pen Pal Club becomes.


Connect with people around the world. Giving you a chance to " chat" to people you would never normally come into contact with. Our world becomes larger with every letter we write

Not Your Average society

We aim to achieve two important purposes. One is for the Pen Pal Club to engage people and cultivate friendships right across the World. Making friends across the continents for years to come. Finding out about different life styles; demographics and cultures. The second object is to help engage people who feel isolated; alone or anxious by the simple, yet very important task, of writing a letter to them. Writing letters to someone makes them feel part of the larger picture and gives infinite pleasure. Its says " I am thinking of you" By the same token, allowing someone to pen a reply and tell you about their day stops them feeling its " Just them!"

Our desire is to become magpies of the letter writing world

We all have the benefit of standing on the shoulders of giants, the weight of history compels us to throw all our energy at helping people connect, in a physically tangible way, reinvigorate the art of letter writing. Starting from some simple beginnings and yet with a giant goal.


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