So here we are in 2021 and everything is either on demand or instant.  And suddenly right out of nowhere we find that the good old fashioned art of letter writing is gaining popularity.  Yes, it would appear that the sales of fountain pens and ink and quality or unusual writing paper is going through the roof.   People are receiving letters through their door which are not bills or mail shots but real letters from real people. 

What does this mean?

1. We care

Yes sending a personal letter to someone, especially if it is hand written, means you care enough to factor out some time in your day to sit down and write a letter.  It means you are taking time to think about them and what to say and you care enough to make that effort, as well as trot to the Post Office, buy some stamps and actually post it

2. Mental benefits

So we all know that it is really good to do something for other people.  It’s the feel good factor which makes you like yourself and leaves a smile on your face.  Doing something for someone else leaves you with that nice warm fuzzy feeling.  Not only will your mood be enhanced by posting it but you will sense a real achievement.  The receiver will also be over the moon at the time and love spent doing it especially for them

 3. Speaking your mind

Yes sending a letter and writing your thoughts rather than speaking them face to face often gets you out of sticky situations.  You are able to write something having put some thought behind it.  Often when in a difficult situation you speak and things get worse.  Writing a letter shows that person that you care (again) and also allows you to plot your thoughts down on paper in a calm and balanced way.  This is in effect a smart way of the other person allowing you to get everything off your chest.  They have to read it and once having read it- their thoughts may have changed.  What’s to lose?

4. Have you seen the writing paper out there?

There is nothing better than opening up a letter and finding it has been written on quality paper.  There are so many choices out there now – you won’t know where to begin.  Because you are using quality paper it makes the very art of sending your letter much more relevant and important.  You are telling that other person that you care enough about them to write with something of quality.  Its akin to the way you think about them.   If you can’t hand write it  (and sometimes you can’t) at least try to type it on quality paper.   As they say “ it’s the thought which counts!”

5. Something nice to write with

They say that people can tell a lot about the person from the way they write.  So, choose something classy to write with.  A wonderful ink pen and maybe some colourful ink? You will soon be writing wonderful prose.  We like the idea of any sort of ink pen.  Its stylish and really says you love writing letters.  Check this website out for new ideas… Pen Heaven | Specialists in Luxury Pens, Engraved



Finally if we have convinced you about the benefits of writing letters for both you the sender, and the recipient then please join our Pen Pal Society.  Click through to our quick sign up page and you will soon be on your way to making your life and those around you, so much more pleasant Letter in the post Signup – Letter in the Post

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