Letter in the Post

This Pen pal Club aims to simply connect
people from all walks of life who probably would never meet
and share the joy of sending and receiving a letter in the post.

Why Join the club

Because joining our Pen Pal Club will enrich your life beyond your expectations! If you are impassioned by the idea of hand writing a wonderful letter and popping it in the post to someone faraway, then this Pen Pal Club is for you. It’s non-religious. Non-political and we hope, non-judgmental . You will be able to connect with people from different countries; backgrounds; professionals and lives.

Member Stories

We know our Members are great with not only writing letters but also short stories and poetry. So we have created a section which enables them to share their work other Members. Everyone has an interesting life story. So send your short stories or poems to us and we will be delighted to publish them for the enjoyment of others.

Club Meetups

We offer regular ways for our Members to get in touch with others. This can be via a Local Meet Up; a meal in one of the major cities or one of our regular Zoom Meet Ups and Discussions. Make sure you don’t miss out by signing up for our regular newsletter


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