These are some of the most descriptive words to use when writing to your pen pal. They roll around your mouth and slip right off your tongue. Don’t be afraid, slip them in, almost unnoticed, but be sure they can be savoured in the read


It is the answer to everything

If you look the word up the definition is ” cleansing” or ” purging” or even “purifying”. Its quite a hard word but hard can also be beautiful. Its short. Its sharp, but it says a lot. ” When I met you, I found it a cathartic moment” means that you realised that something had changed when you met the other person. Its a defining moment. Its a great moment. Its a cathartic moment. Use it. Although its hard sounding its full of promise. It says more than ten others. And we all know that less is often best.


A bigger moment than all of us

This is a “BIG” word. It conveys huge meaning and importance of the moment or feeling. ” Its ineffable the situation we are in”. Almost celestial or unable to comprehend the feeling or experience . When writing about big moments, you would use this word to huge effect. Take a minute to listen to this short reading from Shantaram, and read by John Maytham. No one could read it any better than he can. Listen to this and use it to great effect afterwards. If this doesn’t give you an idea of the word, then believe me, nothing else will.


Spice in our life is nice

We love this word and all it can promise. Its a small word. Its a tiny word. Its a tight word. Its short. Its sharp and sweet. It reminds you of The Orient. Its warm summer nights and cooling rains. Its slightly exciting. On the edge of danger but never anything more. Spicy. Like all our lives should be. Writing to your very special Pen Pal could add an air of piquancy to your life.


Opiates for the masses

It’s a cure. It’s relief. It’s a remedy. It’s the one thing to warm off ills and danger. People think of a panacea as the magic cure and it can be, but using it in a sentence would be something like this “she came into my life and immediately became the panacea for all of my woes” Try not to confuse it with Panacotta – although the end result can sometimes be just as good!


This is as good as it gets

Just a really great upbeat word. Think of it like joyous; upbeat; jubilation; elation; glory; glee. Just like the cat who got the cream without the slightest trace of smugness! Its a strong powerful word. Use it when you want to give a speech to empower your listeners. Just use it!


I’ve got it! I think I’ve got it

A light bulb moment. A thunderbolt. A moment of realisation. The exact time when you realise there is a better way to do things. Its just ” that moment” when the rain stops; the clouds disappear and you have the clarity and vision needed to move forward. Your long awaited epiphany will lead you where you need to go. So don’t delay, make haste and plot your new course with all speed


it’s never all good

Okay, we have to put the odd bad word in. It cant all be positive stuff and smelling the roses. Sometimes you need to use a really descriptive word to describe someone or something, it is absolutely no good using the same old platitudes so turn to this word to impress the life out of the person you want to. Calling someone nefarious is pretty harsh but it is better than saying ” odious” “rotten” “monstrous” “wicked” which have been used a million times. Stick the word in your letter and give the other person you are not to be trifled with


This word just pops off the page at you. Its a joyful little word. Short and snappy. Its a zing of a word. Fireworks. Sparkles. Think of tropical fish; warm sunny beaches and clear blue sea. Its rainbow coloured. Its pearlised. It is lustrous and it shimmers. Use it to describe the colour and shine of their eyes or the tone of their skin. Finally, just don’t confuse it with incandescent. It sounds similar and it has a kick in its sound, but its the total opposite of gentle iridescent. Mix them up at your peril.


life is better in pairs

A hint of naughtiness. A touch of magic. Spells. Full moons. All of those magical moments are captured when you invite your correspondent to meet you for a tryst. Assignation. Rendezvous. An engagement, a meeting a union. Need we say more. Choose a special place to invite them to. Make it quiet and special. A clear night away from the madding crowd and its a hole in one. No more takers!

and finally


With power comes mercy. Stay humble!

Magnificent and powerful Godlike and full of presence. Supreme and mighty and all those super strong words. Omnipotent is how you should feel every day. harness the world and then your letters. Write strong ( but kind) Think strong ( but kind) and seize the day in your very best omnipotent way

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