Our Podcasts will include some of our Members reading short but favourite letters from ” people of note!” We expect them to be varied and interesting. To start us off, however, we want to share this short Podcast of the final few paragraphs in the book ” Shantaram” . Did you ever hear such tingling stuff?? Uplifting, of course! Gives us hope on dark days. Naturally. We simply find it encouraging and enough to drag us out of bed on gloomy wintery days.

It helps of course that it is read by an amazing Speaker! John Maytham has a slot on the South African Radio Station, ” Cape Talk!” We love him – and so should you. Credits always to the author, Gregory David Roberts – And you can purchase a copy of his book, on Amazon!

Don’t forget, if you would like to join our Pen Pal Club and read your own favourite letter or just write letters to people near or far, then follow the link below.

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