When you are feeling low, depressed, or just simply fed up, then reach for the pen, not the tablets!

Once upon a time, writing letters was the only way of communicating with people.   It could be a simple letter of thanks, one to ask how the other person is or a way of expressing your feelings for a loved one.  Whatever way people wrote, it was a wonderful way of expressing emotions and relieving angst when necessary. 

All too often now we simply give up on everything and fall into a torpor hard to disengage from. We loll around the house.  Do not look after ourselves mentally or physically, and so if you are feeling disengaged with the World then pick up a pen, find some fancy writing paper and write to someone.  Anyone.  It does not matter who it is just write.

Writing has been known to have some wonderful mood lifting properties and once you pop that letter in the post you know that the other person receiving it will be happy to do so.  So read on and discover why you really should be writing letters each day, rather than popping pills.

Reasons to be cheerful

Its a Gift

Believe me, it really is.  Writing a letter is a wonderful way to make someone happy.  A small simple thing can bring so much pleasure.  If someone has done something nice for you or to you then don’t send them a stereotypical text but write a letter.  Decorate it, or use pretty ink.  So that when they open the envelope they know something nice is inside.  Even if they have only done a mundane thing for you it doesn’t matter.  Writing a letter specifically to them will make them happy.  And, as I said before, its as good as a present.

Make it personal

Don’t just type something quickly on a piece of A4 paper and put it in the envelope – that’s far too business like, especially if you frank the mail rather than sticking a stamp on the envelope. 


Let the person now that you have taken time and effort with this letter so use really pretty notepaper.  Making it personal between you and them means talking about things you have in common.  Do they know your family?  Your friend?  Your pets?  If so make sure you write about them in a way which is engaging and makes the Receiver feel they have experienced it with you.  Talk about funny anecdotes, things that happened to you and if you can include a photo or memento which will mean something to them.   Writing letters by hand is the ultimate, really the ultimate in showing the person how important they are to you.

Feeling loved

Not a lot to say on this point.  Its simple.  When you receive a nice letter – it does indeed make you feel loved and all warm inside

No mis-understanding as there sometimes is in text

Often people cite mis-understandings due to texting.  They say you cant get the tone of the statement of the mood of the person.  Its quick and impersonal.  Sending a letter means you can take as long as you like; re-draft it as much as you like and set the tone just perfectly. 

You are giving and that is good

As the slogan goes “ its good to give!” and indeed it is.  Nothing nicer than giving.  Its part of our DNA

And finally

Its a satisfying project for you to easily start and finish

Yes if you are feeling down then you need to tackle small projects and tasks so you feel you have accomplished something.  And this is a small project that once you get the satisfaction of posting it in the post box will make you feel so much better.  You have indeed completed the project.

There we are.   A few quick tips and pointers to help you when you feel like reaching for the Medication – write a letter instead.  We think a letter is worth a handful of drugs, every time.

So if you are short of someone to write to – then hit the link and sign up here….

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