If you want to cut a swathe when writing a letter and impress the hell out of the receiver, then Smythson stationery does it every time. So I will jump right in and tell you my five reasons why it works for me!

Quality of the paper

We love the fact that this paper is hand crafted and slightly stiff. Its super weighty feel means it does not crease or crumple easily and still looks great after it has been removed from the envelope. You cant say that about all of the other competitor products. The weight, just so you know, is an impressive 115gsm. So nice enough to look great when you hold it but not so heavy it will ping the scales when you come to send it overseas. All in all, if it was all about ” the feel and texture” this product does it every time.


Design is so important when it comes to choosing writing paper and notelets. Often it is about the look and feel of the paper rather than the price and volume for your money. Smythson has been producing stationery for years. In fact Mr Smythson ( yes, he did exist) started his Bond Street shop way back in 1887 so you can appreciate how long his art has been perfected. Read more about him on this link Smythson History The design has been kept traditional and classy. Definitely following the concept of ” less is more”

Value for money

We did the math ( as the Americans like to say) and found out that one Smythson Card is as reasonable as buying an individual card in a local Stationers Shop. We particularly like their Bee Motif Correspondence Cards. Complete with tissue lined envelopes in corresponding colours, naturally. Buy a box and 10 and in fact it works out a dam sight cheaper, more stylish and will leave the receiver feeling ” truly loved”

Makes you look both stylish and classy

There is a lot of expensive and very beautiful writing paper out there. Its true. But no need to think that the more you pay for something the better it looks. Less is more. And in this timeless design of white quality card edged in blue and coordinating tissue lined envelopes, you will be out there with the best. Its a classic design and it says so much. Finish it off with the words written in turquoise ink from a fountain pen, of course. Check here and see if you agree.

It feels good for both the writer and the receiver

A lot has been said that its about the giving not the receiving and with this very stylish stationery we tend to agree. Stroking the paper; rustling the tissue lined envelopes and just feeling that fountain pen and ink move across the paper. Its all a rather wonderful feeling. So write your letter and pop it in the envelope and see how that feels. A smile will come across your face for sure. The recipient, likewise, will smile when they first receive the letter and once again upon opening it to share the delight you felt when reading the words written on the rather exquisite paper.

Well, we hope you will agree with the reasons why it has to be “ SMYTHSONS” when writing a letter and if you want more people to write to then follow the link and join our Pen Pal Club. Members throughout the UK as well as in distant countries such as Australia; New Zealand; America; Malta; Spain; Cyprus.

Impress more people with that stationery and sign up now . Need we say more?

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