If you are feeling a little down = then read this quick tips below to make you smile again

Okay so maybe you are feeling a “little blue” – NOT REALLY DEPRESSED just a sort of apathy for no
real reason. Some people call this “out of sorts” or “ black dog” but really it’s a mood which does
change from day to day and its something we can deal with ourselves. There is talk about it being
linked to the moon and the circadian rhythm and some of you will be keeping a diary and jotting
down the days of the month when you do feel lethargic and cant be bothered
The good news is that we all feel like this from time to time and we can all deal with this ourselves if
it truly is something that comes and goes and does not hang around you for weeks on end. It goes
without saying that if you continue to feel low; sad and fed up with life, do seek medical advice.

So without further ado, let us get started!

Write a personal letter to a friend

If you are writing a letter – then give it your best shot

No, I am not talking about an email or a quick WhatsAp “ How are you?” Nope! I am talking about a
full blown hand written letter on some really decent fancy notepaper which will make you feel glad
for writing on it and even better, the recipient of your carefully handwritten letter will feel so special
when reading it, you will make their day as well as your own. When I write a letter to someone, I
always feel quite excited (and full of hope and anticipation) as I pop it in the letter box, hoping that they will smile when they see a personal hand written letter addressed to them and really enjoy what I have to say.

I do try to make personal letters upbeat and full of nice things. I want to enjoy writing it and the
person I am writing to, to also enjoy reading it. Please try hard not to use this as an excuse to whine and moan about life in general. I have a penfriend who, when the need arises to write something heavy or sad, does so on paper and then puts it in a sealed envelope and then writes the other letter. The idea if that the heavy bad news is not liked or allowed to corrode the other part of the good news letter. I like the sentiment in any event

Swim! Water! Sea! Lake! Pond! Pool!

Swim alone or with a friend – but swim!

The powers that know things (!) tell us that its important to swim if we can, as water and the
mechanism of swimming has a positive effect on our mental wellbeing. I have to say that the minute
I get into the water and melt into it, I start to smile. Okay it may be that it is cold, and I am wincing,
but really I think it is because being in water and surrounded by water is healing and good for our
souls. “Wild Water Swimmers”, as they are fancily called now, tend to swim in sea, lakes or any open
waters but if you don’t have anything like that near to you, then I think a swimming pool is just as
good. Basically a fair few lengths in the pool and it will restore your equilibrium like no other. Well,
except swimming in the sea of course. And before we move on to the next section, if anyone is
heading to or lives near Plymouth, then I can heartily recommend a morning’s swim in the bay at
Plymouth Hoe. Lots of people, predominately in the older age scale, are swimming here all year without
any sort of wetsuit. There are easy steps to get into the sea and places to change nearby. Ideal
launching place for all mermaids

Sit in the sun in a warm sheltered space

Do nothing but let the sun shine on you

I have to say that for me, breakfast is a must, along with the obligatory Vitamin D pill for extra
bounce during the winter months. The other thing I try to do as much as possible is to eat this
breakfast outside. I don’t have long and often eat my porridge standing up, which is not ideal I
know, but having breakfast with the sun on your face, even for five minutes is wonderful. Prepare
your breakfast and lay it out on a nice tray; make some really decent coffee or tasty herbal tea and
go and sit outside regardless of the temperature With a thick jumper; a heavy coat or even a
blanket, just sitting there contemplating the day before you start it will certainly help you be positive
from sun up to sun down

Read something you really enjoy or

go and watch a film in the afternoons somewhere

Find somewhere away from the madding crowd and lose yourself in a book

They say the brain is like a muscle and if you don’t use it – you lose it. I think this is like anything, if
you stop doing it you get out of the habit and on occasions, I have been like this with reading. When I
was much younger, I would not go anywhere without a book as I loved to have one on the go and
read at whatever opportunity I got. As I got older, either life or the Internet got in the way and it
became a real chore to pick up a book, although it didn’t stop me purchasing them! Now I am back
to reading books again and it brings me so much joy and pleasure. Not only to escape into the story
of the book but simply to see a finished book as an accomplishment. If you have lost the joy of
reading then start with something short and light. Work up to the longer tomes. This will give you a
portal to escape your worries and anxieties and when you return, they will seem lighter and smaller.
Before long, it will become second nature to slip a book in your bag and read it on the go –

and who knows what you will also learn just by reading a story.

Have afternoon tea somewhere nice. Not expensive, just different

Never underestimate the power of afternoon tea with a friend

The two things in life which cannot be underestimated are friends and tea. Put together they are indeed a heady mix! And a restorative one as well. They have the most wonderful synergy and should be seen as a treat of the highest order. Afternoon tea, if possible, (cakes; scones; sandwiches) but if not a pot of Builders Tea and a Shortbread biscuit will be just as good. Food of the Gods. Share it with a friend who will spark joy and whose company you love and
it’s a winning combination every time

in conclusion…..

We are all subject to dark days and days when we see no light at the end of the tunnel, but if you are
able to hold your course and take it slowly and maybe indulge in one of the above suggestions, then
I am sure your days will soon turn to colour again

Find someone to write to, to life your mood

Sign up now and join our Pen Pal Club

Should you not immediately have anyone to write to, or you want to write to someone completely different and away from your area, then click on the link and join our Pen Pal Club. We have Pen Pals right across the Globe of all ages and interests. So get writing now and share the joy of a simple ” Letter in the Post!”

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