We think Arundel is a wonderful place to visit for a mornings walk along the River or a stroll through the shops after lunch followed by afternoon tea and cake. Of course no visit would be complete without a visit to the famous, or infamous, Arundel Castle. There are many exciting times to visit Arundel Castle and a couple of the highlights have to be seeing the Tulip Display in the Spring or the Medieval Tournament held in August. Bother offer a wonderful walk around the Castle Grounds, but after you have been enthralled by all that, what next?

Here is our short guide to five fascinating shops that you cant afford to miss!

The Book Ferret, High Street Arundel

Humans and Dogs all welcome in the Book Shop

The Book Ferret

This is just a fun place to visit and its just outside the Castle Walls. We enjoy the fact that it is a genuine BookShop. No chain marketing here. Although the range is not huge – it is certainly varied and eclectic and they also offer a very speedy Book Ordering Service. I ordered something from them one day and it was there and waiting the next morning! In addition you should be looking at their other goods which range from local cards; sumptuous wrapping paper and even Mugs and Tote Bags as handy little gifts or memorabilia of your visit to Arundel. Also, if you are thinking of joining our rather wonderful Pen Pal Club, then you will be very well served starting off your first letters wit some of the cards and paper sold here.

Castle Chocolates, Tarrant Street

The choice is endless and mouth-watering

Castle Chocolates

Just off the main High Street in Tarrant Street, you have to visit this magnificently quirky shop. Opened way back at the tail end of the 1980;’s Clive gave up a job in the City to pursue his dream and he still is! The chocolates are ” real chocolates” and most of the made locally. You can pick your own boxes of favourites or buy one of the pre chosen ones. They will even wrap them up with a gold box and ribbon should you wish. Clive still works three days a week and is best known for his Bow Tie and Straw Boater. A most friendly individual, be sure to go in and and ” Hello!”

Tea and Biscuit Club, High Street

A place to definitely linger and savour

The Tea and Biscuit Club

Back into the High Street and just a few doors down from The Book Ferret you will smell the wonderful aromas of The Tea and Biscuit Club. I have to say I have never seen so many varieties of teas offered in one place before. The minute you open the door your senses are assaulted of smells of rhubarb; gardenia; green tea; white tea; gardenia. The list is endless. If you cant afford the time to drop in then they also offer a very fast on line ordering service. Alongside their teas they sell quirky teacups and teapots to enhance your “Tea Experience”. The choice is endless. I am just enjoying my Moroccan Mint as my early morning cuppa. Totally uplifting and a fresh start to the day

Kims Bookshop, High Street

Whatever second hand book you require – they will find it for you. Guaranteed!

Kims Bookshop

Now you may wonder why I note two BookShops as places to visit in Arundel but they are entirely different. One sells new books whereas Kims Book Shop sells second hands and antiquarian books. Their shop is like something from Charles Dickens time A veritable feast of books on every subject imaginable. Scattered over four floors up tight and windy stairs the shop adds interest and atmosphere to your search. I have gone in there, many times, on the off chance of an out of print book or something obscure and each time they seem to have found that book tucked away on one of their many shelves. Add to that more quirky post cards; birthday cards and mugs and you will soon be forced to open up your purchase and buy, buy, buy!

Cockburn’s Tea Shop, High Street

If you want cake – you’ll be spoilt for choice

Cockburn’s Tea Shop

Dash across the road from Kims Book Shop and while away an hour with a HUGE piece of cake and a pot of tea. Cockburn’s have the most wonderful array of cakes with portions that are far too large, but they don’t listen! it wont matter how you protest at the size of the slice on the plate, they smile knowing you will eat it. And you do! Sponges of all flavours; tea cakes; scones and more. All can be eaten in little nooks and alcoves for privacy. Large comfy sofas allow you to relax and chat and eat. After a busy morning exploring The Castle and then discovering the quirky shops I have mentioned you will be ready to stop and put your feet up. Breathe and take your time. They never hurry you away.

and finally…..

Pallant of Arundel, High Street

A wonderful place to order your Christmas Hamper

Pallant of Arundel

As you come out of Cockburn’s and start to head back home, make a final detour at Pallants of Arundel. This is a mixture of a Wine Shop; a delicatessen; a meat shop; treats and so much more. I have often stopped off here for a picnic lunch to eat by the river, as well as bought a couple of their venison pies. Don’t forget to take a look at their very special Virgin Olive Oil, freshly imported from Sicily or their little tubs of Turkish Delight imported directly from Turkey and bearing no resemblance to the ones found with a shiny pink wrapper!

So after a rather magnificent day walking around and exploring Arundel you should have lots to tell. Make sure you write and tell someone. And, if you have no one to write to, then sign up to our Pen Pal Club because our members would love to hear about your day and the many marvellous shops around Arundel.

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