Despite the great rise of social networks and instant messaging in current times, writing to a pen pal continues to be one of the best ways to achieve an enriching experience since you not only gain a new friendship but also open the possibility of learn about another culture, very different from your own. Pen pal relationships are also great for fostering creativity, enriching writing, and sharing personal things you wouldn’t dare share with someone you see often.

Now, the relationship with a pen pal can last for years, you can even establish a closer connection with that friend than with the people who are close to you. But keep in mind that sustaining the relationship with that pen pal and making a good impression through each letter means inspiring yourself to carefully and elegantly write each word you want to communicate.

Here are some ways to write to your pen pal correctly, whether it’s your first letter or you want to make a lasting friendship:

Ask good questions

One of the best ways to show another person that we are really interested and that we want to get to know them is by asking questions about their life, what they do, their hobbies, tastes, interests, among others. However, we must be especially careful about what we ask and the way the question is worded to avoid misunderstandings.

You should also show the utmost respect on topics where your pen pal says they prefer not to talk about it. Avoid being insistent, do not ask very personal questions (especially if it is your first letter) and give it time, since to the extent that there is a greater exchange of letters between the two, they will feel more comfortable and will be able to share intimate details about their lives.

Provide basic information about yourself

It is important that you avoid talking too much about yourself as much as possible. It does not mean that you should close yourself off and limit yourself to just asking questions to get answers, you should maintain a balance between what you ask and the amount of personal information you provide. Especially if this is your first letter, take the time to think about what personal information you’re going to reveal. Mentioning basic details such as your age, location or gender will give the other person an idea of ​​who you are, however, it is recommended that you take the time to get to know that pen pal better and to the extent that it is consolidated their friendship, offer important data about you, as long as your pen pal is interested in knowing them.

Add an extra touch to the menu

Add something to your letter to give it a special touch, such as a photograph of yourself, your favourite place, a significant image, or any detail with which you identify, just let your creativity fly. In this way, you will surprise that pen pal, you will generate a more attractive experience and you will be able to develop a much more solid relationship. You can try to add something that piques your friend’s curiosity, but without giving any kind of explanation, this will prompt the other person to respond to you in search of answers.

Write in a casual style

If there is something that causes a person to stop responding to your messages, it is undoubtedly boredom. When writing letters to your pen pal, be sure to use a casual and fun style that will keep your friend entertained to ensure you get responses on a regular basis. Remember, this is a person with whom you want to establish a solid relationship, so put aside seriousness, get comfortable, dare to explore new topics, share your tastes, concerns, hobbies and lifestyles regardless of the multiple cultural barriers. 

Additionally, when writing you must take care of simple aspects such as the selection of paper, the envelope, the stamps, since these details also communicate and reflect your image.

Write short letters

In general, when content is very long, the chances that the receiver will divert their attention and not finish reading all the content are increased. Similarly, when writing to a pen pal, to ensure that the message you want to communicate is delivered effectively, it is recommended that you write letters briefly, emphasising the subject or purpose of the letter in particular. Especially, if it is your first letter, you should avoid overdoing it by telling him everything about your life, you should leave things to tell for another time and encourage your friend to respond to you.

Watch your spelling

Although some do not give much importance to this aspect because they are used to informal writing, spelling represents a fundamental part of a person’s cover letter and not only allows determining their level of education but also facilitates understanding of the text message. Therefore, when writing to a pen pal you must be especially careful, accentuate the corresponding words, use signs and commas to ensure good communication.

By taking care of your spelling, you at the same time let that pen pal see that you take care of the smallest details of the letter because you really care. In other words, a bad spelling leaves a lot to be desired.

Use easy-to-understand expressions

Considering the fact that your pen pal may be located on a completely different continent from yours, which includes differences in language, it is extremely important that you avoid using complicated words or phrases that may frustrate the other person by not understanding what you are referring to. Try to write in such a way that a small child can understand you, keep in mind that your pen pal does not have knowledge about your customs and traditions, so as you write, clarify what you are referring to to guarantee a good experience and mutual learning.

Finally, remember that the correct way to write a letter to a pen pal requires that you take the time to inspire yourself. And once you are inspired then find more Pen Pals to write to by joining Letter in the Post Pen Pal Club

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