Forget inky fingers and messy pages. Ink pens are now super cool; leak free and wonderfully on trend!

1 It says a lot about your style

Sign on the dotted line

So just like polished shoes and an ironed shirt it makes a statement. Getting a fountain pen out to sign your name or make amendments to a document just says ” CLASS” and “PANACHE” like nothing else. Leave it on your desk or somewhere it can be seen; use it to stir your coffee with or flick it through your hair. In other words, make sure everyone can see you have it.

2 It can become or it is already a family heirloom

Yes fountain pens can be passed down through the Generations. A decent one will last for years. We really like Mont Blanc but if you cant afford one of those then look for a Waterman. Both of these Pen Manufacturers have been around for ages and if you haven’t been bequeathed one by someone in your family then make sure you get one and leave it to a kith and kin when you depart off this mortal coil.

3 Your writing style will improve

Writing with an ink pen means you are more considered in your approach

Yes, there is something about writing in ink that makes you write more slowly and more deliberately. You take time (and pleasure) in composing the words and it shows every time. Its been said that people who use an ink pen make fewer grammatical or spelling mistakes because of the care they put when writing the documents.

4 It tells people you care about what you are saying to them

Anyone who receives a letter through their letterbox and who finds it has been written with a fountain pen will take note. They will realise you have something important to say, whether it is personal or official. They will see that you have taken time to write to them and whatever it is you are saying, you deem it important enough to use the write materials for the job. its also the only way to write a love letter. Nothing else will do!

5 It will encourage you to write old fashioned letters & post them

Feel the excitement of posting a letter and waiting for it to arrive

Yes, once you have got into the habit of signing your name; making notes; writing a shopping list and generally using your fountain pen as an extension of yourself, you will wonder what took you so long. The next step after you have written to all your friends and family is to join a Pen Pal Club and continue sending beautifully hand written letters and putting them in the post. Not only guaranteed to make you feel good but guaranteed to put a smile on the person who receives it.

If you fancy writing to people across The Globe, using your very special fountain pen, then sign up here. We have Pen Pals in many countries who love writing and receiving letters. Find out more by clicking the link below

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