How many times have you wandered around a larger impersonal Book Shop and asked the assistants to help you and they stare at you blankly? How many times have you asked them for suggestions on your favourite genre and they simply point you to ” Book of the Month” regardless of whether its what you want to read or not?

So what is the option?

I am pleased you asked that because its a very easy question to answer. Whilst everyone loves a Latte and a wallow in the plush sofas in the Waterstone Coffee Shop or a look at Maps and Travel Guides from Stamfords not everyone can get to London to enjoy it.

The last time I went there I visited the rather lovely Gothic splendour of Waterstones in Holborn. If you are ever out that way, do drop in because the staff are delightful (and know their books!) and the selection is to die for. Add into that heady mix the magnificent building and you could spend a very enjoyable couple of hours here Along with Foyles and Blackwells they are just the place to read and savour good books and get swept away to new places

However, however, however,

some people can not travel easily to London and others feel their local bookshop does not adequately cover everything they wish for. The option is very simple. If you are done with romantic novels and travel guides then dip into this amazing website where it sells wonderful stories from right across the Globe. You may not find them on the New York Times Best Sellers List but you will definitely, most certainly, find a stonking great read.

Why should I support it?

The books offered here are truly diverse and even if you do judge a book by its cover, you will be spoilt for choice.

You can choose how you support them, from paying a minimum of 10.00GBp a month and receive a paperback of their choice every six weeks, which is more than not a most wonderful surprise and probably nothing you would have picked up unaided. Or you can simply dip in and out and purchase any book that does take your fancy! Even better, you can cancel your subscription at any time. These very needy donations help people in difficult circumstances throughout the World who would often slip through the net. They seek out disaster affected families and help them as quickly as they can and for as long as needed. The philosophy of the Company is as interesting as the books they sell.

So don’t delay. Give a little back to the World and in return get the most amazing new read possible. Hit the link and read more about signing up to ShelterBox Books.

A natural compliment

After choosing your books and enjoying new and diverse reads, the next thing to do is write about it. Join our Pen Pal Club to find like-minded people who are also members of ShelterBox Books. These people always love to receive letters from new and interesting people. That’s you, by the way!

So follow the Letter in the Post link and you will open up your horizons by writing to people in all corners of the Globe as well as finding out more ways to help each other.

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