Its time for your next list

So for those of you who made it through the month – well done! I still feel its groundhog day with not a lot going on. Although here, in the Northern Hemisphere the weather has suddenly become rather tropical. I am not complaining. Our local beach, which is also a Nature Reserve, has turned to full colour and the flowers are magnificent. In another week or so, the orange and red poppies will be in full bloom I’ll send another photo then. Although not a sandy beach, it still has a wild beauty all of it’s own and often reminds me of Derek Jarman’s beach at Dungeness….

Everyday problems

For those of you “ in the know” this is my third attempt at sending this Newsletter. I had tried to get rather clever and insert links and pictures and suddenly the whole lot had disappeared. It’s fair to say that my language was pretty blue and I stomped off for a walk to calm down. So this is a slightly less adventurous Newsletter but one containing all the important information . Yes, this relates to the next List of names . It contains people who have signed up in April and May. So if you were one of the Newbies then you probably have seen most of these names. If, however, you are an original Member or signed up in the earlier part of April, a lot of these names will be new to you. Explore them in any event! If you don’t link the link ( and I know some of you don’t!) then send me over an email and I can either send it via PDF or using the height of originality and stick it in the Post!

Send over your stories or letters

Yes, as you know, we have some very voracious letter writers as well as others who love to write stories. Whatever your poison, and if you think others will like to read it, then please send your work for us to Publish. Its a shame not to let it be appreciated by a wider audience. Check out our Home Page and you will see what we mean. We now have lots of Categories for those of you who wish to write something for others to enjoy.

Titles you can choose from

Readers Write Simply something for you to write, often in the form of a letter, to tell others your news. Maybe you don’t want to write to everyone but like the idea of more reading your letters. It’s also a novel way to engage with others and get some new people writing to you first

Short Stories Do you have short story you would like to share? Then again, send it over and we would be delighted to publish it.

Poetry Maybe there is a favourite poem you feel is desirous of a larger following. Send us the Poem and we will “ get it out there!”

Travel  Whilst our home has certainly been our oyster for far too long, we all love to travel. If you have been somewhere interesting or had the best holiday ever, then write and let us know. Photos, always appreciated!

Where do you write?

I know our Members are writing from right across The Globe, which is pretty awesome in itself, but where are you actually writing from? Some of you do like to send a typed letter, but so many more of you do actually “ hand write” one and decorate them as well, which is simply marvellous. It really sends a message of taking the whole thing seriously and wanting to give pleasure to the reader. KEEP IT UP! Send us your pictures of where you write your letters and to make it more fun, we can all try to guess who the letter writer is, or at least the country you are writing from! We will publish a few in our next Newsletter to get you in the mood…..

Mimmie is currently looking rather distracted as she is waiting for the mail. She doesnt normally sit on the table but says that life is slow. No one in the pool. No mice to catch and her owner is taking a siesta. All in all we think its a pretty cool view to write your letters from. Mimmie further tells us that her and her owner often take a Road Trip between Northern Spain and the UK and have just returned “ home” after nine months in England.

Spread the love

Yes, if you know anyone else who would like to join us, then please send them over the Link

As you know it costs nothing. Is quick and easy to sign up and I think we are a pretty interesting and eclectic bunch. So here is the link once again for anyone else who is interested. Sign up here.

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