It does’t seem to be that often now that we receive a personal letter in the post which requires nothing from us but is a treat to read.  A personal letter from a friend or family member simply updating us with their news.  A letter written on some quality notepaper written with a fountain pen – not a cheap Biro – and which shouts at us to say “Hey, I’m thinking of you and saying hello!”

So, without further ado, here are some of the top reasons why people are using bespoke quality stationery to write to friends and family.

1. It’s satisfying to the writer and respectful towards the reader.

When you want to convey something important to your recipient you will be able to make more of an impact if you use quality or original paper to write on.  Putting that very special stationery on the table and taking a deep breath before you write, focuses your mind on the intentions in hand.  The reason why you are writing that letter in the first place.  When that reader opens the letter, they will first and foremost feel the quality of the paper.  If it feels good to the touch, then it immediately makes them feel special.    

2. Decent stationary feels good to use. Make an occasion of it.

Sitting down at the table or desk and laying out your paper; pen and envelopes is like preparing to play in a symphony.  You are preparing for the task ahead and when received will be much enjoyed.  Don’t write a letter when you are not in the mood to be sociable.  It will show.  Use the quality paper to set the mood.  The tone.  Choose wisely.  Are you writing to a relative; a parent; sibling or a close friend?  Obviously, the paper you choose to write to a friend will be different to one you use to write to your elderly aunt.  Make it fun.  Make it upbeat.  Always use a nice fountain (ink) pen when writing.  If you want, choose a coloured ink to blend and coordinate with the writing paper. Making ink and paper colour coordinated is like choosing the right paint and wallpaper for your room.  

We recently came across this website which we feel really encompasses the whole experience of writing a personal letter.  Pemberly Fox offers everything from printed wedding invitations to letter writing sets to personalised Notecards. It is all high-end quality and very individual.  Its really worth a look.

3. It’s a sophisticated way of communicating in this digital age.

Everyone now likes to feel valued as an individual.  When you get a quick text or a WhatsApp from a friend asking how you are, it is a sort of tick box exercise.  The next up from a quick text is an email.  Emails are used mainly for business now and if you keep in touch with an email, unless that person is far away or lives in a country without a good postal system, then emails should be kept for simply relating information.  Allowing that person to wait a few days for a handwritten letter will be infinitely worth more than sending five text messages and closing the phone down.  

4. Allows your personal individuality to shine through

When you write a letter it does indeed become very personal.  For some reason you open a part of yourself and write more imaginatively.  The letter can be very emotive, and you convey much more this way.  It’s all about effect and cause.  The effect of the beautiful stationery causes you to write in a more interesting, reflective and open manner.  

In conclusion;

Although it’s fair to say that hand writing a personal letter instead of more speedy means of communication could be a lost art and certainly take more time, we really feel that people are now seeing the benefits of this mode of communication.  In an instant gratification world, we value everything less.  It shows the world that you continue to think for yourself; you like good quality and have a traditional way of looking at the World.   Finally, it will let the Reader know whether you are signed up to a sustainable planet or whether you are using something highly disposable.  Again, the paper you use, can say a lot about where you are thinking right now!

If you are looking for more people to write a letter to, then considering signing up to LETTER IN THE POST and follow this link! .

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