Preparing for summer visitors

Preparing for summer visitors

Dear Jackie,

hope you are happy and well, after working in my garden for a couple of hours I’m having a well earned cup of tea and a sit down on my front ( west ) terrace. The dogs are all asleep, they’ve been busy too, barking at the noise of the occasional vehicle passing along the road. The big dog, Wolfie, barks at birds , he doesn’t like them.

My collection of motorised garden tools has increased with the recent purchase of a hedge trimmer. After my workman Ramazan cut down all the bigger bushes and trees last summer with my chainsaw ( which I now need to have repaired! ) I burned most of them during the winter and I’m now getting rid of the new growth from the stumps. The stumps themselves and the rocks will be next. Next winter will be a time of recovery for me I fear, there are bound to be strains in most parts of what passes for my body these days.

I am going to trim it back and see what I find

There was a lot of squeaking in the house last night, down in the salon, there are no mouse bodies lying in the usual places this morning, the cats must have taken them back outside or they are hiding under the furniture. I sometimes weigh up the benefit of installing a cat flap for them against having to get up at all hours to let crying cats in or out of the house. On the whole the cat flap wins.

The pergola on the small south terrace is leaning alarmingly towards the house. It will have to be renewed and the cedar logs made into something else, it was a mistake to use them I now realise and proper square lumber will be purchased next time. Rustic looking garden furniture is all very well but it doesn’t last long.

It’s midday now, enough gardening, the sun is very warm now. The washing machine is on again, it seems to be on most of the time now. What with three dogs and three cats all bringing colourful soil particles and footprints it does get a bit mucky if I leave it for a few days.

Wolfie – who else?

For those of you who want to know more, then check your Pen Pal List. Chris lives in Kas and has built his own amazing home in the hills, just outside of the town of KAS. A real back to nature. He swops food for the goats – his grass – for fresh milk How good is that? Read more on his blog….

Some great stories plus wonderful photographs of the area

Or if you fancy writing directly to him, then please fill in the On Line form and we can add you to the List.

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