Letters, without a doubt, have a magical power when it comes to making a person feel special and showing them that we really care. Despite the fact that instant messaging has gained great popularity in modern times, letters have not lost their relevance. They can even become great allies to bring back the spark in your relationship if you feel that you have lost it.

Especially if you feel that the monotony has taken a toll and made you lost the spark in your relationship, sending an unexpected letter to your partner will allow you to get out of the routine and will contribute significantly to recovering that strong attraction that existed at the beginning of the relationship.

The magical effect of letters lies in the fact that by spending some of your valuable time sitting down to write a letter and send it, the person receiving it immediately perceives that you are taking the time to think about him or her, and that you really care enough to make the effort not only to carefully and elegantly write each of your words but also to send the letter.

Now, to bring back the spark when writing letters it is not necessary to hire a professional writer or poet, you should take into account the following tips:

  • Use your own voice

When writing a letter, it is essential that you express yourself in your own words, that you maintain your style and that you make use of those words of affection by which you used to refer to your partner at the beginning of your relationship and that you know make him happy but that over time you stopped using. In this way, the effect that the letter will generate will be much more emotional and your words will reach the heart of that special person since they will be convinced that the letter was written by you because they know your words and your way of expressing yourself.

By writing the letter with a genuine voice, you will inspire a deeper intimacy and enhance your connection with that person. Now, it is valid that you use internet phrases as long as they are phrases that identify you or have some particular meaning for you or your partner. Avoid copying textual love letters from a website, because if the words do not really come from you, your partner will perceive it and instead of bringing back the spark, you run the risk of generating doubts in that person and moving away from you.

  • Highlight positive aspects of your partner

One of the best ways to bring back the spark when writing a letter is to honestly highlight the different things that make your partner a very special person for you and what that person brings to your life both physically, mentally, spiritual even sexual. You should make an effort to write down the reasons why you love, admire and value that person, the qualities that attract you the most, what you enjoy the most. Avoid at all costs including criticism, claims or any kind of negativity, you should only focus on the positive.

  • Talk about your memories

Although it is true, at the beginning of a relationship the spark between both people is so strong that every moment they share together is filled with perfection. This is why, when the sparks in a relationship fade over time, an effective way to recover them is by reminding the couple of those memorable moments, full of perfection, that they spent together and that have meant a lot to both of them. It is enough to describe in the letter a pleasant moment in which the spark, chemistry, desire or attraction was so strong between the two that nothing was more important to their lives than being in each other’s company. Remembering those times characterised by fervent passion will help make your letter much more powerful to bring back the spark in your relationship.

  • Express gratitude

When writing letters, you should not only show the love and affection you feel towards that person, to bring back the spark nothing works better than thanking that person for all the good things, for all the experiences, and especially for filling you with joy and happiness. Keep in mind that your partner has done a lot for you, and just as not recognising the effort that person makes every day to sustain the relationship can put out the spark, without a doubt, being grateful to your partner for investing part of their precious time on you, by being attentive, and being present in the most difficult moments, can bring back the spark. Also consider those defects that you have corrected thanks to that person and express your sincere gratitude for making you a better person.

  • Express yourself freely

To write a letter that brings back the spark, you must leave prejudices and shyness aside. Do not shy away from expressing I love you through the letter, thinking that it is a very corny phrase, or even expressing yourself passionately. Through the letter you can express and manage your most sincere feelings and emotions in a different way, without distractions and pave the way for a journey where intimacy reigns and where the people involved achieve a better closeness.

  • Watch your spelling

There is no doubt that good spelling falls in love. This is why, when writing a letter with the purpose of bringing back the spark, you must take care of your spelling. Regardless of the time you have with your partner, if you do not stop to write correctly, elegantly, without spelling errors, you can project a very bad image of yourself towards that person that makes them even consider moving away from you.

Keep in mind that good spelling not only improves your level of communication but also denotes that you give value and the importance that the person who is reading your letter deserves. Regardless of whether the text is short or long, make sure it is well written and, if possible, read it over and over again until there are no more strikethroughs.

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